Sumbit Your Corrosion Inspection Request

To help us serve you better, please complete and submit this corrosion/perforation form as instructed. We will then set up an appointment for your vehicle to be inspected and photographed by our Corrosion Specialist.

Please note that your car must be clean in order for us to proceed with the inspection. Any evidence of dirt or neglect may result in your claim not being accepted.

Inspection and photos are taken by a Corrosion Specialist at the Dealership. Your request is then sent to Volkswagen Canada for evaluation.

The corrosion/perforation claims process may take up 2 weeks, and even longer in exceptional cases. We will follow up once a decision has been made.

Thank you for your patience

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Please look at the image at the bottom of the page and identify the damaged areas from by checking of the boxes.

To your knowledge, has your vehicle been repainted for any reason?

Has your vehicle been in a collision?

Note: Blending paint is not covered under the corrosion/perforation warranty. Corrosion or rust caused by road debris, tree sap or bird droppings is not considered a paint defect.


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